Artem Kitaev / Kosmos Architects

Three Pillars of A New Home

Credit: KOSMOS Architects

In 1915, Le Corbusier created the Dom-Ino House as a simple prototype for mass produced housing. This basic modernist structure has since remained the most logical and economically reasonable mass-housing option.

Yet, due to economic, social, and political conditions, abandoned, unfinished, and unused structures have proliferated in recent years. Migration has also increased dramatically. These issues have created an acute lack of temporary housing.

Three Pillars of A New Home are three transportable elements, each dedicated to an important function of a home and which can be installed in any space. Combined, they form a compact volume. In this shape they are transported to a location: an unused parking garage, abandoned nightclub, or a shell-and-core building. Depending on available space, the pillars are set up and transform the space between them into a home.

The first pillar provides energy and communication—a heater and air-conditioner, electrical sockets, video projector, loud speakers, wi-fi router, etc. The second pillar contains a compact kitchen that allows residents to cook, wash up, dispose of garbage, and do laundry. The third pillar is a private sanitary unit including a WC, shower, sink, and steam bath. The Three Pillars prototype is inserted into a base structure and provides the necessary infrastructure of a home.

Artem Kitaev (RU, CH, US) is a founding partner of KOSMOS Architects. KOSMOS is a virtual architectural practice working on projects of various scale and typologies, from art installations and pavilions to airports and master plans; with realized projects in Moscow, Switzerland, Bangkok, and New York. KOSMOS’s work expands to research and artistic projects and involves collaborations with artists, designers, urban planners, and academics.