Five selected prototypes have been realized in a one-year development and testing process.

Housing the Human explores prototypes for a new social geography, developing and realizing concepts that propose, attempt, and radically revise possible constellations and frames for human coexistence.
Certain Measures

Home Is Where the Droids Are

Home Is Where the Droids Are explores the proliferation of autonomous objects that surround us, which are increasingly accessed as common utilities. read more

Mae-Ling Lokko


Alongside the increasing demand for food production and housing in the twenty-first century is an equally rapidly growing material resource stream in the form of agrowaste by-products. These have the potential to not only “close” life cycle gaps, but also propel forms of generative citizenship through upcycling. read more

Simone C Niquille / Technoflesh


Regarding the Pain of SpotMini is part of an ongoing research into database accountability, parametric design workflows and their origins in systems of measurement and classification established in Europe during the 1500s. read more

Lucia Tahan

Cloud Housing

Cloud Housing aims at bringing awareness of the impact of tech platforms that superimpose their operations on the urban space. The prototype consists of three objects: The first is a bot app that imagines a future in which housing has transformed into a decentralized, data-driven, generic, and experience-oriented platform. read more

Dasha Tsapenko


Lovaratory is a spatial exploration platform based on research of multi-human love relationships in the post-romantic age of rapid technological acceleration and global digitalization. read more